Wiseco Pistons: KTM 250EXC, MXC,SX, XC TPi, XC-W, XC-W TPi/ XC-W TP/ Freeride 250R 2000-2022


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Wiseco MX Pistons
While Wiseco got its start in 2-stroke performance, the Wiseco team has remained at the forefront of powersports performance through
every era and evolution, including the development of high-performance 4-strokes. Today, Wiseco offers a range of forged 4-stroke
pistons covering everything from the casual rider looking for durability to the professional-level racer competing for wins.

Wiseco Pro-Lite
• The Forged 2-stroke piston that started it all
• Great value for reliable fun factor • Refreshed performance from the track to the trail •
Optomizing forging design for strength optimization • Extra lightening operations for enhanced
throttle response • Wrist pin, rings and circlips included

Wiseco GP Series
• Designed for Endurance/High RPM Applications
• Designed with optimized features for long service life and top-end power
• Electra-Coated crown, ring groove and pin bore resists potential wear, combustion heat damages,
and ring micro-welding • ArmorGlife skirt coating reduces friction to optimize performance potential
• Wrist pin, rings and circlips included

Wiseco Racer Elite
Designed for Full-Race Applications
• First 2-stroke piston to be forged with 2000-series alloy, providing greater tensile strength
• ArmorPlating surface treatment on crown, in ring groove and pin bores protext from harmful detonation,
friction wear, and ring micro-welding • ArmorFit skirt coating conforms to the cylinder bore for optimized
fitment, translating to optimized performance • Wrist pin, rings and circlips included

Wiseco Forged Series
Multi-Purpose Riding and Racing
• A complete range of forged pistons engineered for each specific 4-stroke powersports engine
• Convering hundreds of applications across ATV, Dirt Bike, Street, Snowmobile, UTV, V-Twin and more
in a variety of bore size and complression ratio options • Forged material optimizes strength and service
life • Performance enhancing features varied across applicable applications to maximize durability and
power • Wrist pin, rings and circlips included

Wiseco Racer Elite
Designed for Full-Race Applications
• Engineered to be a complete racing piston package to compete at the highest levels
• Industry-first features including asymmetrical skirt, lapped ring and ring groove operation to minimize
operating friction and maximize ring seal for overall improved power
• CNC-machines, billet construction for improved strength to weight ratio
• Rings, circlips, and DLC-coated wrist pin included

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250EXC 00-2005, 250MXC 00-2005, 250SX 00-2002, 250SX 03-2022, 250SX 07-2022, 250XC 07-2019, 250XC TPi 20-2022, 250EXC 06-2017, 250EXC TPi 18-2022, 250XC-W 07-2018, 250XC-W TPi 19-2022, FREERIDE 250R 14-2017, 300EXC 91-1994, 300EXC 96-2003

Piston Type

Pro-LIte, ArmorGlide, Racer Elite


66.40mm, 72.00mm, 72.50mm, 73.00mm


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Make Model Year
KTM 250 EXC 2000 - 2005
KTM 250 EXC 2006 - 2017
KTM 250 EXC TPi 2018 - 2022
KTM 250 MXC 2000 - 2005
KTM 250 SX 2000 - 2002
KTM 250 SX 2003 - 2022
KTM 250 SX 2007 - 2022
KTM 250 WC-W TPi 2019 - 2022
KTM 250 XC 2007 - 2019
KTM 250 XC TPi 2020 - 2022
KTM 250 XC-W 2007 - 2018
KTM 300 EXC 1991 - 1994
KTM 300 EXC 1996 - 2003
KTM FREERIDE 250R 2014 - 2017
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