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Since the early 1900s, motocross has been a popular, global racing sport. It went from a small racing event (scramble) in Camberley to multiple championships around the world. People truly love this sport, especially the bikes. MX motorcycles (dirt bikes) are amazing for race but also for some off-road fun. Because of the terrain they are usually rode on, it means they require more maintenance and repair.

Maintenance of MX Motorcycles

One of the important things that any motorcycle owner needs to do is maintain their bikes. This especially applies to MX motorcycles after a race or off-road ride. The first thing that riders should do for maintenance is to clean your motorcycle. MX bikes tend to collect dirt due to the nature of the sport. If you do not clean your bike after a ride, you run the risk of the dirt hardening overnight. This can cause early wear and tear. There also needs to be regular checks to ensure that there are not any leaks, check oil, and change or clean air filters.

In addition, you need to ensure your MX bike has quality parts and accessories to make sure you are protected while hitting those turns, bumps and jumps on the track. For serious riders, that means replacing certain parts with better-quality parts.

Importance of High Quality MX Accessories and Parts

If you are going to get new parts and accessories, you want to make sure that you are buying quality products from a reputable vendor. Price is important, but durability is paramount.  Purchasing brand name products is typically safe, but some are better than others and give you more value. Better quality parts also can improve performance and the longevity of your MX bike. In addition, most parts will have a manufacturer warranty. This is also where buying from a MX Motosports dealer like Magic Motorsports comes in.  How? With service and support. Dealers like Magic have experts with decades of experience in the industry. They will not only advise you on your purchase, but have the parts and accessories in stock or be able to quickly requisition them.

All Your MX Needs at Magic!

Since 1983, Magic Motorsports has been improving people’s motocross experience through speed and style. Magic has an extensive list of MX accessories and parts catalog to search through. Here is a sample of Magic MX parts and accessories to look through:

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