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The Sedna 16 Pro E-Bike is Fun and Affordable

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Since 1983, Magic Motorsports has been serving the power sports industry with its large selection of products, including electric balance bikes! With the popularity of electric balance bikes over the last few years, the demand for bigger and faster models has only increased. These balance bikes are designed to help little tykes get going on two wheels and keep going for years to come. For many motocross racers, balance bikes like a Strider bike were their introduction to the world of motocross. Small enough to ride in the backyard, kids could master the basics. Now, with all the new features these E-bikes have, children who master them are eager to try out bigger and more powerful bikes. That brings up another question. What bike should parents get after their tykes are done with their first balance bike? Well, that’s where the Apollo Sedna Pro 16 comes in!

Sedna 16 Pro E-Bike

Sedna 16 Pro e-bike under $1000

After your kiddo has graduated from their first E-bike, the Sedna 16 Pro E-Bike is the perfect next step! This latest addition to Magic Motorsports’ lineup is an ideal step up from the Strider Balance Bike. Specifically, it is designed for an older child, by including a larger frame and taller handlebars. However, the most important part is that it will make your child ready for the next step. The Sedan 16 Pro has many features that will help do just that. This includes riding speeds up to 15 mph, improved battery life, front suspension, and disc breaks. All of these advancements will guarantee your child improves their balance and riding skills.

The Sedna 16 Pro also provides competitive features compared to other balance bikes including:

  • Full-Covered Chain Cover
  • Power-Cut Brake Lever for Options
  • Professional Electric Bike Thumb Throttle

Buy the Best E-bike Under $1000 From Magic!

The best part is that the Sedna 16 Pro is a super-affordable option that won’t break the bank! Unlike other electric balance bikes that can cost over $1,000, this E-Bike is listed at an affordable $699.95 on the market. This is an amazing prize when you consider all the features this electric bike has. Better yet, Magic Motorsports is for a limited time offering this newest addition to our lineup at a reduced price of $629.95 with shipping!

Own the Sedna 16 today!

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