Maxima V-Twin Mineral Oil 1 Liter


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Maxima V-Twin Mineral
HIGH PERFORMANCE 4-STROKE ENGINE OIL- 10W-40 • 20W-50 • 25W-60 • 50WT • 60WT • 70WT
Mineral based 4-stroke engine oil specifically formulated for V-Twin engines. Shear-stable formulation provides excellent film thickness and viscosity stability across all operating temperatures. Advanced, proprietary additive system with
industry leading extreme pressure and anti-wear protection keeps your engine running clean, trouble-free and extends
the life of the machine. (Liters are sold 12 per case and Gallons are sold 4 per case)
Exceeds the requirements of API SL / JASO MA2.

1 Liter

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Oil 1 Liter

10w40, 20w50, 25w60, 50wt, 60wt, 70wt


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