Hoosier IMX30 Rear Tires


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Hoosier Offroad tires are the only true racing tires available to consumers. You ride what the Pros ride. The IMX30 Rear MX,
our stiffest rear compound, is optimal on a 125cc, 250cc and 450cc dirt bikes in GNCC. This tire will increase cornering
speed, braking while giving you the comfort and confidence to decrease lap times. Optimal air pressure range is 13-14 psi.

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Hoosier IMX30 Rear Tires

70/100-10 IMX30, 80/100-12 IMX30, 90/100-14 IMX30, 110/100-18 IMX30, 120/90-18 IMX30, 110/90-19 IMX30, 120/80-19 IMX30


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