Hoosier IMX20 Rear Tires


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Hoosier Racing Tire is announcing the next tire to its Off-Road lineup. This tire is optimal as a rear tire on a
250 & 450 Off Road bikes in Supercross, Motocross and GNCC. The 120/80-19 has a slightly different tread
pattern on the side knobs that allows them to clean out better and increase cornering speed and braking,
along with a very durable compound with plenty of grip from sandy/loam to hard pack. You are going to have a
better comfort feel through both the braking bumps and acceleration bumps off the corner with the new
Hoosier. Optimal air pressure range is 11-14 psi.

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Hoosier IMX20 Rear

110/90-19 IMX20, 120/90-19 IMX20


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