Apollo Sports Technology

Sedna by Apollo Sports
Magic Motorsports sells a collection of Zhejiang Apollo Sports Technology products. From starter bikes like the Sedna 16 Pro to the DB-X5, Apollo has plenty of products for people young and old. You might be wondering what makes this motorcycle brand so special. To answer your burning questions, Magic Motorsports is going to explain why Apollo products are so amazing.

Who Are They?

Zhejiang Apollo Sports Technology was founded in Wuyui City in 2003. This Chinese company is one of the most influential off-road motorcycle manufacturers in the world. They specialize in off-road motorcycles, ATVs, electric bikes, and a variety of recreational vehicles. In fact, many of their products are made for children and teenagers. Apollo’s mission is to supply the best products to their customers all over the world. Their products are designed to be safe, stable, and high-performance. This includes using high-quality metals for their frames and constant innovations to their current line-up. But, what other vehicles does Apollo sell?

Apollo Sports Technology Products

As mentioned above, this company focuses on off-road vehicles and e-bikes. Apollo has three different series of dirt bikes available: RFZ, AM, and RXF. All of these series are designed for different age groups. RXF is designed for children from 3 to 7 years old, using an adapted frame and suspension. Once your child has experience, they can move on to the RFZ or some of the other models which are made with different specs. Apollo also has a collection of sport entry-level ATVs that are made for children 3 to 7 years old.
Zhejiang Apollo Sports Technology
However, Magic Motorsports in Waterford MI is best known for selling Apollo electric bikes! The Apollo Z-20 is one of these e-bikes and there are others for all ages,  meaning there is something for everyone! The electric bikes have a range of models, including sports bikes and folding bikes. Magic Motorsports is glad to have a collection of great e-bikes in stock from Apollo with great prices.

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