Magnum 2Kewl Pads: FC250 2014-‘


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Magnum 2Kewl Brake Pads.
Factory proven technology that blows the competition AWAY. Magnum 2Kewl brake pads help draw the heat from the brake caliper and from your brake fluid virtually eliminating the chance of over heating or brake fade. Tests have shown than 2Kewl pads run 25-35% cooler than any other pad on the market today.

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FC250 14-2024, TC250 05-2024, TE250i 20-2024


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Make Model Year
Husqvarna FC250 2014 - 2024
Husqvarna TC250 2005 - 2024
Husqvarna TE250i 2020 - 2024
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