Travis Pastrana goes Orange!

Dec 24, 2019

Travis Pastrana Receives KTM Support 

Long time Suzuki man, and living motorcycle legend, Travis Pastrana, announced this morning he will now be riding KTM motorcycles for the foreseeable future. Travis competed in supercross, motocross, supermoto, and of course freestyle, aboard the Suzuki brand for decades. The move comes out of necessity in part due to lack of two-stroke supported bikes from Suzuki.

"Huge thanks to the man himself, Roger De Coster along with Ian Harrison and Ryan Morais for helping me with some new 250cc 2 Strokes!" Pastrana wrote in a Facebook post. "I’ve practically bled yellow for the past 28 years and I’m thankful for every day with Suzuki.. But with RM 250’s being discontinued close to 15 years ago, it’s been getting harder and harder to find bikes and parts. It was time for me to either go 4-Stroke or switch colors. Thanks to Trevor Piranha for making the call... Some video of my first day on KTM. Shout out to my friend Tim Montana for clearing his song #americanthread for me to use in the piece!"

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