The Best Gas

Oct 22, 2019

Hey All!

I don't know if you noticed, but I didn't write a blog last week.

I've been working on getting things set up on the new web provider site.

It's a whole new experience. 

Eventually the name will lead here. 

Until then, enjoy the old website as it is!

In the mean time, I have been dealing with a whole lot of issues with my car, so rather than spend the extra money and have someone else fix stuff, I've been working on it myself. 

In doing so, I've spent a lot of hours watching YT videos that explain exactly how to do what I need to do. 

All it takes is tools, time and space. 

So while I've been driving myself crazy, one of the things that I've been learning about has been Gasoline!. 

Gas prices fluctuate a lot (A LOT!!!) and it drives me up the wall to see a gas station change their relatively low price to something 40 cents higher as I pull up. (It's happened twice now!)

I've also noticed that some stations change their prices at different times and different amounts regularly. Sometimes it's known that the price will go up. If you have the GasBuddy app, you'll get a notice. 

I've found that the alert I get is usually too late compared to the gas stations across the road from the store. 

Some places don't change unless something extreme happens though. 

In fact, there's a Shell station close to my house that rarely changes price. The plus side is that it's been reliably low cost when many of the "cheap" gas stations jump in price. 

I've also noticed a remarkable effect of using Shell gas in my car. 

It runs smoother and quieter that when I use Speedway or other low cost gas. 

So while I've been watching YouTubers fixing cars, I've also discovered a few videos that deal with the quality of gas and the recommended octane for your car. 

It turns out that the car you drive may actually tell you what octane gas to use. It might be on the dashboard, gas cap, or engine compartment, but the one place it should definitely be is in your owners manual!

Not everyone has one, but you should be able to find the right information online as well. 

As for what gas station to use, it kind of depends on what you have around. 

My recommendations from personal experience are Shell and Marathon. 

Both offer a discount program that will save you $.05 off every gallon and also provide you opportunities to earn more off through the purchase of items in their stations or external things. They vary all the time so you'd have to sign up to find out!

If you want to save/earn money when getting gas, then BP seems to be the best for that. 

There was a time when my wife was completely against BP (and she still won't use their gas unless it's all that's around) but since they have been re-introducing the Amoco brand, their gas seems to be better. But don't take my word for it. 

So I bring up BP because they have a few "Extra benefits" programs going on. 

First off, with their BPMe app, you can save a regular 5 cents off per gallon. Their intro bonus is a 15 cent discount and you can earn 20 cents discount by spending money in their shops. 
Next, there is the Upside app. In Michigan, it looks like it only works with BP gas stations, so while you save money, you could also earn money back. 
Third is the GasBuddy app. If you set up the "Pay with GasBuddy" option, you can actually save additional money at the pump.

So if you want to get the best gas and save the most money, you have some choices. 

I'm going to share some videos that detail some of the information I've learned about all this gasoline craziness...

Watch, Learn, Enjoy. 

I know I did!

I almost forgot!

If you live near a VP Racing gas station, go there!!

VP Racing fuels are some of the best fuel you can get for both cars and trucks and also small engine vehicles (or even lawn mowers and chainsaws!)

I hoe you got something of interest out of this blog post!

See ya soon!