Jan 2, 2020

The unique VForce reed valve features double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design. The added reed petals mean that reeds only travel half the distance as a conventional reed valve to get the same airflow. The shorter opening means that they open quicker, close more completely and last longer. Ever since their introduction VForce reeds have been popular with two-stroke riders looking for more midrange, increased airflow and perfect fit.

Constantly changing to improve the design, Motocross Tassinari offers the VForce4 with its pre-curved reed petal, carbon fiber petal tips, wider cage, 10.5% increase in reed tip area and longer reed stops. The VForce4 has become the go-to reed cage for many two-stroke owners. But wait, there’s more. Enter the “VForce4R” with its rubber over-molding on the reed petal tips to increase petal life, straighter intake manifold, newly design cage and a winged air guide that increases air velocity. For more info or to order <<< click >>>